Dog Breeds That Would Only A Mother Love Their Appearance  

With tufts of hair sprouting from its head, feet, and tail, and often sporting a mohawk-like crest, this breed is certainly distinctive. 

Their skin can be mottled, spotted, or solid, and the lack of fur means their skin is often exposed, requiring diligent skincare.  

Despite their unconventional look, Chinese Cresteds are known for being affectionate, playful, and great companions. 

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Bulldogs, particularly the English Bulldog, have a look that is instantly recognizable. 

Their unique appearance, characterized by saggy skin and droopy eyes, has a certain endearing quality that bulldog enthusiasts adore. 

Neapolitan Mastiffs are known for their massive size and impressive, if somewhat intimidating, looks.  

This breed's heavy, lumbering gait and serious expression might be off-putting to some, but those who know them understand the gentle giant within. 

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