Look in Your Change Jar—These Uncommon Canadian Coins Could Be Worth a Mint  

For the untrained eye, a pocketful of change might appear unremarkable, but for the keen collector, it represents a potential trove of rare finds. 

From the iconic Canadian “loonie” to the lesser-known commemorative issues, Canadian coins offer a diverse range of collectibles coveted by numismatists worldwide. 

One of the most sought-after Canadian coins is the 1936 dot cent. 

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Exclusive coins often have storied pasts, having changed hands among royals, nobles, and the elite.  

Moving forward in time, the 1948 silver dollar is another valuable Canadian coin. 

While older coins tend to dominate the spotlight, modern Canadian coinage is not without its rarities. 

Due to a production error, only a limited number of these quarters were released into circulation, making them highly sought after by collectors. 

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