The Top 8 Most Expensive $10 Million Rare Bicentennial Quarters plus an Additional 6 Worth Over $100K 

The 1976-S silver proof quarters are among the rarest and most valuable of the Bicentennial series.  

Struck in a special silver alloy and with a mirror-like proof finish, these coins were sold only in special proof sets.  

One exceptionally well-preserved specimen set a record by selling for just under $10 million, making it one of the most expensive quarters ever sold. 

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Mint State 69 (MS69) graded 1976-S silver quarters are incredibly scarce.  

The combination of a high grade and the coin's silver content has led to valuations in the multimillion-dollar range. 

These coins are often celebrated for their pristine condition and historical value. 

These coins have reached values close to $10 million, driven by their near-perfect state and historical importance. 

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