The Zodiac Edition of Why You Can't Let Go  

Could the answer be written in the stars? Here’s a zodiac-centric exploration of why each astrological sign struggles to let go. 

Aries, ruled by Mars, are known for their determination and fiery spirit. 

The key for them is to channel their persistence into new passions and challenges, finding satisfaction in new victories rather than dwelling on past losses. 

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To move on, Taurus needs to find new forms of stability and create new routines that bring them comfort and pleasure. 

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, lives in their mind. They replay memories and conversations endlessly, analyzing every detail. 

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, feels emotions deeply and forms strong emotional bonds. Their nurturing nature makes it hard to detach.  

For Cancer to let go, they need to find new ways to nurture themselves and seek emotional fulfillment within rather than from others. 

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