Three further rare bicentennial quarters valued above $600,000 and nearly $60 million USD 

The first coin on our list is a 1976 bicentennial quarter with a doubled die obverse (DDO). 

This error occurs when the coin is struck with a misaligned die, creating a doubled image on one side of the coin. 

These errors are rare and highly prized by collectors due to their unique appearance and rarity. 

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The combination of its mint condition and the striking error made it a standout piece, drawing intense interest from bidders. 

The high valuation is a testament to the desirability of error coins in the numismatic community, especially when they are tied to historically significant issues like the bicentennial quarter. 

Another fascinating bicentennial quarter is the silver-clad experimental strike. 

These experimental strikes were not intended for public release, making them exceedingly rare. 

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