Zodiac Signs on May 23 That Need to Guard Their Energy  

Taurus, with your birthday season just behind you, the residual excitement and activity may have left you feeling a bit depleted. 

As a sign ruled by Venus, you are naturally attuned to the pleasures of life, but this can sometimes lead to overindulgence.  

Cancer, your sensitivity and deep emotional currents make you particularly vulnerable to energy drains.  

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On May 23, the moon, your ruling planet, may stir up intense emotions, making you more susceptible to the moods of those around you. 

Libra, as a sign that thrives on balance and harmony, any disruption in your environment can quickly deplete your energy.  

On May 23, the cosmic influences might bring about some turbulence, making it essential for you to maintain equilibrium.  

Scorpio, your intense and passionate nature often leads you to delve deeply into everything you do.  

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