Zodiac Signs That Will Be Led by Their Guardian Angel During Gemini Season  

This air sign, ruled by Mercury, influences a time of increased mental activity and adaptability.  

During this dynamic season, certain zodiac signs are particularly poised to receive guidance from their guardian angels, experiencing enhanced intuition and protection. 

Let's explore which zodiac signs are most likely to be led by their guardian angels during Gemini season. 

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As the sun illuminates their sign, Geminis naturally become more attuned to their guardian angels.  

This period brings an influx of clarity and inspiration, enabling them to navigate life's complexities with a celestial touch.  

Virgos, also ruled by Mercury, find themselves under the special care of their guardian angels during Gemini season.  

The intellectual energy of Gemini harmonizes with Virgo’s analytical nature, making this an optimal time for Virgos to seek and receive divine guidance.  

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